May 10

2019 Denver Pop Culture Con

Good Morning Everyone!

Some Denver Pop Culture Con updates for y’all

We are going to be in the same location as last year, BUT, we have half the space. We will be sharing it with another communtiy partner. I don’t know who it is.

There will be the community mosaic build, Jacob Root’s collaberative build, Mike’s Comic Cover, and MOC displays.

Sign up for Jacob Root’s display,

Sign up for DPCC:

May 28

Come see the our display at the History Colorado Center!

Once again, CoWLUG members have worked together to set up a long-term LEGO display at the History Colorado Center!  The display runs from May 26 to September 3, 2018.

For more hours, directions, and admission information, please see the HCC website.

Here are some images that they kindly sent.

Apr 03

2018 Denver Comic Con Info

The 2018 Denver Comic Con is coming up soon. June 15th -17th.  We have many things planned and a group display is one of them. Any updates will be posted at the bottom of the page.

What do you need to know?

Group layout:

Pop culture scenes. A scene from a tv show, movie, book, comic book, meme, anything really. The only rule about what can be a scene is, there can be no Batman or Star Wars. Get creative, get out of your comfort zone. And I’m kidding about Batman and Star Wars.

Like last DCC 2017, it will be 1 32×32 baseplate wide minimum and 3 32×32 base plates deep. The maximum width is 3 32×32 baseplates. If you need a larger footprint contact Ian or Me to see if it’s possible. Collaborative builds are encouraged, double the builders to double the size. There are no height restrictions just understand that there are rules against using ladders at the venue. Everything will be listed on the website, and the Facebook page.

There isn’t a table layout yet, waiting on DCC organizers, so we might need inside and outside corners.

There will be a monorail running around it again maybe a train or both. This year there needs to be a 16 stud empty space at the front of the base plate. I plan on keeping it at ground level and limiting the elevations.

By June 1st at the latest, participating members need to send Ian or Jim a picture of what you’re making with foot print dimensions. Also the following information will need to be provided by June 1st.
– Name of the creator.
– Title of the build.
– A brief description of your inspiration.
– This is so a title card can be made for it. The picture is to help make sure it meets the requirements so there won’t be any issues durring set up. And to help with creating the layout.

Feb 20

Rails in the Rockies 2018

This was our 8th year of doing “Rails in the Rockies” and we still make an impression on them with a different themed display each year.  This year was “Camping.”  There were a number of campsites as well as different RV’s and campers on the roads.  There were 15 people who contributed to the display, and I want to thank every one of them for their help in making our display a success once again.  We were thanked many times by Estes Park Train Club members for being at their show, as it draws the families in.  I could not get a full count on how many people attended the two day event.  But one ticket taker told me on Sunday afternoon, she counted over 180 people through the doors in the past hour.  (So at least 2,000 people in the 2 days the show was open.)

This year we cut down on the number of city buildings and went more for the outdoor look.  Duane made an impressive mountain using his and Joel’s mountain parts.  Jim’s amusement park is always a big hit with the kids.  They love to push those buttons to see the rides move.  Meghan and Jim’s Jurassic Farm had the kids looking for all kinds of dinosaurs.  Samantha’s Handicapped Camp got a lot of comments about the wheelchair jousting and other little scenes here and there.  Sandra made a very nice Indian Village scene.  Kathy’s woodland display had many people trying to guess how many animals were on it.  Lester’s different camp sites got a number of laughs, as well as his resort.  In the small city section, we had some outstanding buildings done by Eric, Meghan, Rhonda, and Stuart.  In the city section was the New and Used RV & Camper Sales lot.  Michael brought some of his newest rolling stock which could have passed for regular model trains.  Many could not believe they were made of Lego.  And if it wasn’t for Mark and Duane’s track, we wouldn’t have that big of a layout.  Thanks again everyone, and see you at next year’s Rails in the Rockies.  The theme for next year will be Cowboys & Aliens.

(Text and pictures courtesy of Lester.)