May 09

LEGO Mosaic Building on a HUGE Scale

The upcoming Denver Comic Con is bringing members together for a massive mosaic build. Overseen by Mark and Joel, the two mosaics include a classic Superman comic book cover that in the end should be about seven feet wide and ten feet tall. It will be displayed after DCC at The Longmont Museum as part of their summer Build! exhibit, featuring LEGO creations from builders around the country.

The Longmont Museum gave CoWLUG table space and a chance to work on the mosaic during their Build! LEGO Contest event on April 28th. A special thanks goes out to those who turned out to lend a hand.

Several members including Mark, Imagine & Shawn took a break from building to volunteer as judges for the Museum’s building contest. There were many clever and funny entries, making it difficult for winners to be chosen.

Along with creative, original builds by members that will be on exhibit for the duration of Build!, the museum is offering up a limited edition of twenty-five micro Longmont Museum sets designed by Imagine. Each will be numbered and signed and will include a specially engraved tile. Time was also spent on during the mosaic building event to begin assembly of the sets to assure quality and quantity of parts – seem above completed.

Feb 16

Rails on the Rockies 2013

Lester has outdone his organizing skills from previous years to make Rails on the Rockies a huge success! Multiple trains, a monorail and immense variety are the highlights the crowds are enjoying. Above, a speeding train passes by Lester’s multi-mechanical ATM installation while dinosaurs get their fill of java at the local Starbucks.

Inside the Battle for Hoth installation, Lester gets a train on the track.

The mulit-pod moonbase is a new addition this year, featuring bases from half a dozen builders. Ian’s mech moonbase sits next to Jim’s Brick Comic Network moonbase.

Figs that get hungry during the show are making their way over to Meghan’s Zombie restaurant for a unprecedented feast!

The sci-fi monorail section of the installation features various alien gardens with walkways, hover vehicles and various species of plant life featured in the images above and below.

Lester extends his thanks to all the participating builders this year. It’s certainly one of the best this venue has seen!

Samantha’s ice cream parlor highlights the latest Friends figures and colors!

The monorail track kind of meandered out of control from it’s spirals out over the moonbase layout.

Awesome details were displayed by all our builders. Duane’s Thinker sculpture sits in front of town structures by Sean and Stuart.

The Hoth Ice Cream Shop is by our youngest sponsored member, Asher, with help from Stuart.

Dec 08

Laramie Depot Open House a Success!

Stuart organized a 157.5 square foot layout for the Laramie show this year, gathering together nine CoWLUG members for a beautiful display during the November weekend (17th & 18th.) There was a steady flow of happy LEGO admirers who enjoyed the trains, wind turbines, town, alien invasions and more. Three CoWLUG contributors were local to Laramie – a positive trend for the group! Welcome everyone! Stuart extends his thanks to all who participated and worked hard to bring a good show to the Depot.

CoWLUG’s display to promote the show appeared in the Albany County Public Library prior to the show.

Jul 19

CoWLUG volunteers at Creation Nation

LEGO Creation Nation at Park Meadows July 13-15 was a success, thanks to CoWLUG members who volunteered to help out at the event. Reed extends his thanks to everyone who made time to come down for the build and break down.

Reed commented on the break down segment of the event saying, “I don’t want to boast but I think it might possibly have been the most fun I have had at a breakdown party in a long time.”

See if you can figure out which CoWLUG member ended up buried in the brick pile above. Then take a look at the mishap to the left. Give us your guess as to how that might have happened.

Remember, LEGO always welcomes CoWLUG volunteers for events. As you can see, it’s not all work.