Jan 09

Hit the Bricks! Time Lapse

Several weeks of work by nine CoWLUG builders and extra volunteers documented with multiple cameras. Watch the chaos for yourself!


Hit the Bricks! Timelapse from Fiske Planetarium Production Dpt on Vimeo.

Dec 05

CU Boulder LEGO Campus Opens!

After nearly eleven months in planning, with the hard work of nine CoWLUG builders, the LEGO version of the CU Boulder campus opens Saturday, December 6th.


Anchoring the far wall of the installation is a LEGO mosaic of the flatirons by Jim West.

IMG_2752Hanging above some of the builders and installed before any of the buildings were put in place is Ryan Howerter’s Apollo 11 Service Module.


The display takes up nearly the entire room. This left little space for getting builds and parts in place.


As various buildings and scenes began to fill in, many of us found ourselves having to climb in to the display to get work completed. Here, Imagine Rigney prepares to fill the stands of Folsom Field with mini/micro figs.


Once filled in, the stadium field could be cleared of builders and set up for a game between the CU and CSU.


Among the selected buildings for the display are Macky Auditorium, Old Main and Hellems with the Mary Rippon outdoor theatre.

IMG_2782Imagine Rigney’s build of Old Main features a spiral of motorized, rotating bats to mimic the bats which have a nursery in the tower of the building.


Various campus life scenes are incorporated into the display, along with some fantastical and outrageous events.



IMG_2792This installation is just the beginning of what is to come for The Heritage Center at CU Boulder. In the next phase of the installation, more will be added to fill in the campus. The display will remain in place on the 3rd level of The Heritage Center for at least eighteen months.


Oct 04

Loveland BrickBuilder Expo – The First!

A Brick Expo in Loveland, Colorado! Certainly. With the enthusiasm of John Metcalf and a dozen CoWLUG members, behold the first annual BrickBuilder Expo. Held in conjunction with the NoCo Mini Maker Faire, now in its second year, the emphasis for all is on making things. For the LEGO part, team builds for the public are a huge highlight (below.)

Build Contest

For the AFOL among us, chatting about LEGO elements, colors and build techniques is on the agenda for the afternoon. (Imagine, Stefano & Ryan below.)

Color Discussions

And of course there has to be a gathering of creations for all to see and share. (Dan’s Steampunk Dragonfly & Mech Diorama below.)

Dan Dan's Mechs

Newer members to CoWLUG, Doug (left) Joe (right) and Kieran (not pictured), collaborate on a fantastic build loaded with details. And cute goats! Joe is also the organizer for the event, connecting members to the Expo, making sure all activities run smoothly. Thanks Joe!

Doug & Joe Doug, Joe & Keiran Collab

Closer details of Joe’s spaceships (below.)

Joe's Ships Being in the same space as the NoCo Mini Maker Faire, makes for some great interaction – among mechs and droids, mechs and kids.

Droid in Love Fans That’s Imagine’s giant anime mech by the way, alongside his floating Bank of the Prophet from Bioshock Infinite (below.)
Imagine's Table Mech in Progress

Speaking of the Maker Faire – there’s all that too! Giant robots breathing fire, human foosball, cardboard cities, air cannons, swords – did I mention giant robots?!
Maker Faire 2014

Displays cover all themes, as shown by Collin’s Star Wars mash up (below.)

Eric Jake covered dungeon/castle, island & spaceship themes (below.)
Jake Jeff always does some amazing things with Bionicle (below.)

Jeff's Bionicle Jim’s button pushing crazy carnival rides are a super hit with all ages and do not dissapoint.
Jim's ParkJohn, the Brickbuilder instigator and new CoWLUG member, presents Loveland in micro scale. It’s a lovely tribute to the town of the same name.
John's Micro Loveland The LEGO Movie submarine, executed in brick by Imagine, is a hit among new LEGO fans, and sidles up along Ryan’s Tardis (which does NOT open) and spaceships of the real and imagined sort.
Lego Movie Sub & Ryan's Work

There’s a record store by Ryan (which you should go support on LEGO Ideas if you haven’t already,) Modulex built items (also LEGO if you didn’t know,) and headphones entirely out of LEGO – all built by Ryan too!Ryan's Store & Ships

Reference materials? You say you want a chart of LEGO colors? Well we have that too! Or at least Ryan does. If you can’t see it in person, check out his Brick Colorstream Flickr page for the most excellent and up to date reference on LEGO colors.
Ryan's Color ChartWhat? No trains? Of course not! Where there is LEGO, there are bound to be trains somewhere. Stefanos has his modern train station running a train provided by another newer member, Chris (below.) I might also add that if you scroll back up to Jeff’s Bionicle, you will see a very clever Bionicle train too. Did you miss it? Well, go back up and look.

Stefanos & Christopher Station & Train

Aug 27

Denver Comic Con 2014 !!!

Denver Comic Con 2014 was longer, larger, and livelier than last year. Pretty much, everything was awesome.

Pop Culture Classroom organized a fun and successful con. Attendance exceeded expectations with 86,500 attendees. The overall space was increased and the increased space between exhibitors allowed for traffic to flow more freely. A vast number of people attended in costume. It was great to see a wide variety of characters being cosplayed.

This year, the Lego display was a joint effort between CoWLUG and DenLUG. This collaboration made it possible to fill the 1500 square feet of space we were graciously afforded.

On one end of the display we had a train layout with a Post-Modern train station built by Stefanos. Joe lent us Emmet’s Construct-o-Mech to clear out Miciah’s crashed Quinjet. Shawn’s modular buildings added depth to the city layout.


Many people recognized The Dickens Tavern built by Derek.


On the backside of the large station, Jason’s handily modular airport hosted a smattering of aerial vehicles and scenes of superheroes. Darin displayed his sports themed mosaics.

The train traveled deep into the display, circumnavigating Ralph’s fun filled scene titled, “Cosplay in the Park.”

Airport_Mosaics_Park_Station_photo_by_Ralph_CopleyCosplay_In_The_Park_by_Ralph_CopleyBatman_Park_photo_by_Ralph_CopleyAbove Cosplay in the Park images courtesy of Ralph Copley.

On one side of the display was Donnie’s brightly colored, somewhat sinister, comic amusement park titled, “Seagate Park”. There were several great and gruesome scenes to be found in this build full of color and packed with detail.


Seagate Park image courtesy of Ralph Copley.

Derek’s ornate Tilt-a-Whirl was on display next to a farm scene built by Matthew entirely from Pick-a-Brick wall pieces.


Nearby, stood a full Mech-bay built by Dan.


On the opposite side of the display was Jim’s interactive amusement park titled, “Riverside Park”. Most of the rides in the park were controllable by cleverly labeled push buttons. The endless stream of willing and excited button pushers was testament to the popularity of interactive exhibits.


Riverside Park image courtesy of Jim Miller.

Joe built a micro city scene with a Mech battle.


Dale brought his official Star Wars Mosaic and many people stopped to take pictures with it. Lego Batman stopped to pose in front of a table of builds by Ryan and Matthew.


Jeremy utilized a large platform to show off a large amount of fully functional Technic creations.


Ian used his platform to provide kids a hands-on experience with Technic pieces.


Kids Technic image courtesy of Ralph Copley.

Abby contributed a black and white Ferris wheel to Sin City.


Imagine’s Cthulhu hung out at the docks of Sin City.


Cthulhu image courtesy of Ralph Copley.

Lester built a large and detailed city with a scavenger hunt. He utilized The Simpsons’ minigifures throughout and had a captive audience throughout the show.



Lester City Seekers (middle) & Ralph Gangster (bottom) images courtesy of Ralph Copley.

Many other great views of the CoWLUG/DENLUG display at Denver Comic Con 2014 can be found at Ralph Copley’s PhotosJim Miller’s Photos.

Story & Images by Ian Davis unless otherwise noted.