Mar 05

Rocky Mountain Toy Train Show 2012

Success! This was CoWLUG’s first time showing at the Rocky Mountain Toy Train Show at the Denver Merchandise Mart. Judging by the crowds which steadily flowed around the tables, CoWLUG was a welcome contributor. Show organizer, Meghan, extends her appreciation:

Thanks to everyone who joined us over the weekend for the Rocky Mountain Toy Train show!  A special thanks to Duane, Lester, and Reed for spending much of your weekend working the crowd and your invaluable help during set-up on Friday.

Over the course of the weekend, 7500 people came by the show with a steady crowd admiring our layout both Saturday and Sunday.  We’ve been officially invited to return next year–put it on your calendar!  🙂


Duane created a new suburban section for this show containing a variety of colorful homes.

The wind turbines were creating an unprecedented vortex, causing cows to walk vertically. Alien visitors slipped in through the wormhole to wreak havoc upon the rural landscape.

A huge thank you to Meghan for pulling the ranks together for a great show!

Feb 26

Brand Ribbon Build

Nearly twenty CoWLUG members shared a LEGO-fied day at Mark’s house for the Colorado Mills LEGO store’s Brand Ribbon Build. For those who have never participated in this type of event, it’s basically a marathon, all-day build of LEGO master builder designed sets which are used for the display cases in the LEGO store. There is plenty of time for LEGO related chat during the session, as well as admiration (or in some cases – confusion) over how a build is designed. Thank you to everyone who stopped in to participate and a huge heap of gratitude to Mark and his family for hosting the event!

Feb 19

Estes Park Showcase 2012

Returning to Estes Park, Rails in the Rockies for the second year, about thirteen active CoWLUG members pulled together an impressive town & train display featuring Mime Town – a concept build discussed at last year’s show. Along with the multiple new trains hitting the tracks, there was a lively, morphing harbor scene, a motion packed amusement park, a dinosaur and alien rampaged rural landscape and a mined mountain scene giving way to rural walking houses with pig passengers. Needless to say, all members and visitors in attendance had a spectacular time.

Mark & Duane

Lester, Mime Town Overlord Extraordinaire

Both Samantha & Joel created some clever LEGO graffiti for the town.

Thanks to everyone who participated for all the dedicated work. Thank you to all our visitors & fans – you are what makes the show complete.

Feb 04

CoWLUG Volunteers for Denver Public Library

Kristen Monroe, Senior Librarian at the Denver Public Library’s Smiley Branch forwarded on this link to the DPL’s blog feature covering the LEGO contest they held this January 2012. Imagine Rigney, Matthew Ramsey & John Gondol were judges for the contest. She was kind to mention them in the feature and include some photos! Check it out: