Aug 27

Denver Comic Con 2014 !!!

Denver Comic Con 2014 was longer, larger, and livelier than last year. Pretty much, everything was awesome.

Pop Culture Classroom organized a fun and successful con. Attendance exceeded expectations with 86,500 attendees. The overall space was increased and the increased space between exhibitors allowed for traffic to flow more freely. A vast number of people attended in costume. It was great to see a wide variety of characters being cosplayed.

This year, the Lego display was a joint effort between CoWLUG and DenLUG. This collaboration made it possible to fill the 1500 square feet of space we were graciously afforded.

On one end of the display we had a train layout with a Post-Modern train station built by Stefanos. Joe lent us Emmet’s Construct-o-Mech to clear out Miciah’s crashed Quinjet. Shawn’s modular buildings added depth to the city layout.


Many people recognized The Dickens Tavern built by Derek.


On the backside of the large station, Jason’s handily modular airport hosted a smattering of aerial vehicles and scenes of superheroes. Darin displayed his sports themed mosaics.

The train traveled deep into the display, circumnavigating Ralph’s fun filled scene titled, “Cosplay in the Park.”

Airport_Mosaics_Park_Station_photo_by_Ralph_CopleyCosplay_In_The_Park_by_Ralph_CopleyBatman_Park_photo_by_Ralph_CopleyAbove Cosplay in the Park images courtesy of Ralph Copley.

On one side of the display was Donnie’s brightly colored, somewhat sinister, comic amusement park titled, “Seagate Park”. There were several great and gruesome scenes to be found in this build full of color and packed with detail.


Seagate Park image courtesy of Ralph Copley.

Derek’s ornate Tilt-a-Whirl was on display next to a farm scene built by Matthew entirely from Pick-a-Brick wall pieces.


Nearby, stood a full Mech-bay built by Dan.


On the opposite side of the display was Jim’s interactive amusement park titled, “Riverside Park”. Most of the rides in the park were controllable by cleverly labeled push buttons. The endless stream of willing and excited button pushers was testament to the popularity of interactive exhibits.


Riverside Park image courtesy of Jim Miller.

Joe built a micro city scene with a Mech battle.


Dale brought his official Star Wars Mosaic and many people stopped to take pictures with it. Lego Batman stopped to pose in front of a table of builds by Ryan and Matthew.


Jeremy utilized a large platform to show off a large amount of fully functional Technic creations.


Ian used his platform to provide kids a hands-on experience with Technic pieces.


Kids Technic image courtesy of Ralph Copley.

Abby contributed a black and white Ferris wheel to Sin City.


Imagine’s Cthulhu hung out at the docks of Sin City.


Cthulhu image courtesy of Ralph Copley.

Lester built a large and detailed city with a scavenger hunt. He utilized The Simpsons’ minigifures throughout and had a captive audience throughout the show.



Lester City Seekers (middle) & Ralph Gangster (bottom) images courtesy of Ralph Copley.

Many other great views of the CoWLUG/DENLUG display at Denver Comic Con 2014 can be found at Ralph Copley’s PhotosJim Miller’s Photos.

Story & Images by Ian Davis unless otherwise noted.

Mar 22

Superman Mosaic – Life Beyond DCC


Since its debut at Denver Comic Con in 2013, the super-huge Superman mosaic (Action Comics No.1) collectively created and mounted for display by Mark, Joel and Duane, it has begun a traveling career. From DCC it found its way to The Longmont Museum for 2013’s Build! exhibit and now is heading west!

Arizona’s Heard Museum is currently organizing its own brick exhibit with a similar title, Build! Toy Brick Art at the Heard, scheduled to open in May of this year. Congratulations to Mark, Joel and Duane for the continued enjoyment of their stellar work on this fabulous mosaic. It’s quite possible this is just the beginning of a far-reaching, traveling life for this piece.

Feb 02

Everything is Awesome!! The LEGO Movie Premiere Display

Despite a snowstorm, excitement was high at the Warner Brothers premiere screening event for The LEGO Movie on February 1st. CoWLUG was invited to showcase a display of creative builds in the expansive lobby of the United Artists Colorado Mills Stadium 16 IMAX Movie Theater. Let’s take a walk around the tables of the display. Above, as guests entered, they were greeted by mosaics by Jim W., a museum by Todd P., Bionicle creatures by Jeff and a dramatic Sin City layout by Ian.

Rounding the corner as Imagine, Jeff and Lester discuss LEGO themes between crowd surges, two of Mark’s brick-built figs play chess at the back of the table. In the front corner, Ryan’s builds include his Record Store (which makes a very brief appearance in The LEGO Movie,) his ShopBot, and a SHIP built entirely of Modulex elements.

After rounding the corner, guests were color-blasted with Imagine’s Coliseum scene as he guessed it might look from the scant images glimpsed in The LEGO Movie trailers. Since all CoWLUG members participating in the premiere display were also granted access to the advance screening of the movie, we won’t say just how close he got to the actual structure as depicted in the movie – you’ll have to go see it for yourself! Surrounding the structure on the table are a plethora of Cloud Cuckoo Land floating cloud scenes by Ryan.

After the clouds we come down out of the sky into the city with skyscrapers by Duane and city buildings by Lester. The streets are filled with the city vehicles by several CoWLUG members as well as various “vehicle” sets from The LEGO Movie and the black box micro managers which play a part in the movie as well.

As you can see, some of our smaller guests spent time joyfully studying all the details of the builds as viewed from the opposite side of the tables.

A bit of the action between micro managers and the city residents as viewed in front of Lester’s buildings. The largest micro manager in front of the yellow building is a scaled up custom build by Jessica – lest it be said she only organizes the masses and never has time to build.

As we move down the street/tables, Samantha’s colorful lighting illuminates her salon building and delightfully prepares the eye for a vibrant ice cream shop. The public enjoying a cone can watch on as the last part of the city undergoes demolition and construction – a collaborative effort begun by Derek’s contribution of a crane and soon filled with various members’ additions.

Rounding the next corner, the city gives way to a western landscape filled with detailed western buildings by both Lester and Samantha, all which still stand amidst the Imagine’s steampunk Tarantula.

The western landscape really came together with fabulous details – as represented here in more of Samantha’s buildings.

Creative collaboration abounds as we move down the final display side where Reed’s transparent, crystal castle changes colors with cool LED lighting behind motion filled vignettes of tornados and a wind turbine by Todd E. and various sci-fi vehicles by him as well.

Matthew R.’s SHIP presents a commanding segway into the motion packed amusement park, Riverside Park, by Jim M.

Jim’s Riverside Park blurs with all the motion. See how it all runs and makes the viewer dizzy with the activity in his video here. At the center of the amusement park, Donnie dropped in his Joker’s hideout – a perfect addition to the crazed and colorful! See more detailed shots of the entire display at Jim M.’s Flickr photostream.

Greeting guests at the opposite entrance to the theater, Wil upped the dizzy factor several levels with his spiral train layout running two trains at high speeds. Needless to say, it was great fun, even when derailments caused spectacular wrecks.

Many thanks go out to every single CoWLUG member and their families and friends for pulling together a fabulous display and making the trek out in bad weather. A huge thank you goes out to Warner Brothers for inviting us to be a big part of an exciting premiere. We hope we did the day justice for you and all your guests. Finally, the help of the entire staff at United Artists Colorado Mills Stadium 16 IMAX Movie Theater and Regal Entertainment Group is very much appreciated. Thank you!

Dec 29

Wow! Children’s Museum Free Build.

Early in December Todd E. volunteered on behalf of CoWLUG to run an afternoon of free build fun at the Wow! Children’s Museum in Lafayette. Known for its interactive, child-oriented exhibits, the museum was thrilled to have a table of bricks for building during the holiday season.

A huge thanks goes out to Todd E. for running the event and to Ian & Abby for lending the bucket full of basic bricks that have now traveled to several free build events.

Photographs are courtesy of Wow! Children’s Museum. They were so happy with the visitor excitement and interaction with the free build that they’d love to hold another in the future.