Apr 03

2018 Denver Comic Con Info

The 2018 Denver Comic Con is coming up soon. June 15th -17th.  We have many things planned and a group display is one of them. Any updates will be posted at the bottom of the page.

What do you need to know?

Group layout:

Pop culture scenes. A scene from a tv show, movie, book, comic book, meme, anything really. The only rule about what can be a scene is, there can be no Batman or Star Wars. Get creative, get out of your comfort zone. And I’m kidding about Batman and Star Wars.

Like last DCC 2017, it will be 1 32×32 baseplate wide minimum and 3 32×32 base plates deep. The maximum width is 3 32×32 baseplates. If you need a larger footprint contact Ian or Me to see if it’s possible. Collaborative builds are encouraged, double the builders to double the size. There are no height restrictions just understand that there are rules against using ladders at the venue. Everything will be listed on the cowlug.net website, and the Facebook page.

There isn’t a table layout yet, waiting on DCC organizers, so we might need inside and outside corners.

There will be a monorail running around it again maybe a train or both. This year there needs to be a 16 stud empty space at the front of the base plate. I plan on keeping it at ground level and limiting the elevations.

By June 1st at the latest, participating members need to send Ian or Jim a picture of what you’re making with foot print dimensions. Also the following information will need to be provided by June 1st.
– Name of the creator.
– Title of the build.
– A brief description of your inspiration.
– This is so a title card can be made for it. The picture is to help make sure it meets the requirements so there won’t be any issues durring set up. And to help with creating the layout.

Sep 01

Brick Fest Live! 2015 Denver

Potentially our largest display this year, Brick Fest Live! 2015 was a great success! With about 30 CoWLUG members displaying creations and supplying parts for the displays (including new members, Steven Lopez and Kathy Nicolai), we spread the LEGO love over 1180 square feet….that’s 59 8’x30” tables!!

IMG_8213Up front we had the Modular Town, featuring Buildings from Myself and Jim West, as well as railyards by Ralph and Chris Hembree.


…flanked by a forest fire thanks to Ralph and “Friend’s Town” courtesy of Cynde.



Around the bend, We travel through Jim’s Amusement Park….



…and into Lester’s Steampunk and Old West towns…

On the Other side of the Display, we had Jason’s Airport, Jerry’s train station and mountain…and a super keen arctic scene from Ralph!


Adjacent to the cities, we had MOC’s from Todd and Cynde, Ralph’s Minecraft Display, and some awesome trains from Wil Hata as well as MechTech thanks to Dan Wray.




Our “Middle Table” featured an epic Pirate assault on Reed’s Hope Castle.


Alas, This ended up being the only effective cannon against the castle…


Finally, in our “Third section” we had Jeremy’s Collection of MOC’s, including this one, which was my favorite!


An awesome USS Enterprise from Steven Lopez


and the Infamous GBC (Great Ball Contraption) thanks to Ian, Abby, Jim West, Serena, Todd and numerous others.


Along with the “bumper car arena” from Ralph, Annette and Darin, among others.


Though this Brick Fest Live! Event was mainly an event geared towards the “kids and parents” crowd, we did meet several new potential AFOL members. The event featured 4-hour sessions with numerous interactive mosaic and free building stations and a “build / race your LEGO car” area, featuring some spectacular crashes as well as an array of LEGO video games on Xbox 360s.



As well as a mix of Various LEGO themed vendors….


…a couple of which supplied, Lester, Dan and myself with some awesome new gear and guns!








However, perhaps the biggest news from the event is it’s desire to grow and be a full blown 3-day LEGO AFOL convention, here in Denver….potentially as soon as next year!

Thanks, once again, to all that helped out and displayed…we could not have done any of this without you.


Photographs, story and event organization by Christopher Briggs.

Mar 20

Estes Park – Rails on the Rockies – 2015

For the Estes Park Train Show, we took a gamble and tried to do Las Vegas. The numbers were against us: We had 13 builders for the show and we were setting up on Friday the 13th. But I guess the odds were in our favor and we hit the jackpot! Las Vegas was a great success. I would like to thank all those who built for it, and all those who spent time at the show helping out. Thanks also goes to Jeff who helped transport some of the MOC’s for those who could not make it to the show.

11007741_782383078516093_4107398302694537532_n(photo by Meghan)

Six of our builders made casinos. I felt that Meghan’s Caesar’s Palace was outstanding; many people took extra time to look it over. Our other casinos were: the MGM by Michael, a Star Wars version of New York, New York by Art, the Camelot Casino by Lester, the Flamingo by Samantha, and the Luxor by Duane. Building the Strip with two road base plates wide added greatly to the layout. Jim’s monorail along the Strip added nicely to the overall effect.

Caesar's Palace Meghan



(upper photo by Lester, lower two photos by Meghan)

At the center of the front tables, Stefano’s large train station held everyone’s attention, as well as a large desert area. At one side was Jeff’s Star Wars Sarlacc Pit and skiff. On the other side were a few of Jim’s amusement park rides. The kids just loved the push buttons to make the rides move. One of our new members, Pete, brought a few of his trains to run in this area. He even let some of the visitors run his RC train.

Stefano's Train Station


(upper photo by Lester, lower photo by Meghan)

The remainder of the layout displayed our version of Suburbia, with a wide variety of houses. Everyone got big kick out of the different kinds of buildings. Stuart’s Upside Down house and his Cookie and Milk house, Lester’s Despicable Me house, Sam’s Duplex (with good and bad neighbors) and a Wedding Chapel, Doug’s Cape Cod home, Meghan’s multiple buildings, Duane’s various buildings, and a Wedding Chapel from one of our young builders, Nikolai. We ended that section of the tables with a farm, an oil refinery, a train switchyard, and odd buildings here and there.

Cookie & Milk House Stuart

Despicable Me Lester

(photos by Lester)

There was so much to see, that it took people a long time to look over the details. We were told by many visitors that they came to the show just to see what we’d built this time, since we have a different theme each year.


11010578_782386858515715_6999871925037448969_n(photos by Meghan)
Thanks again to all who participated! -Lester



Aug 27

Denver Comic Con 2014 !!!

Denver Comic Con 2014 was longer, larger, and livelier than last year. Pretty much, everything was awesome.

Pop Culture Classroom organized a fun and successful con. Attendance exceeded expectations with 86,500 attendees. The overall space was increased and the increased space between exhibitors allowed for traffic to flow more freely. A vast number of people attended in costume. It was great to see a wide variety of characters being cosplayed.

This year, the Lego display was a joint effort between CoWLUG and DenLUG. This collaboration made it possible to fill the 1500 square feet of space we were graciously afforded.

On one end of the display we had a train layout with a Post-Modern train station built by Stefanos. Joe lent us Emmet’s Construct-o-Mech to clear out Miciah’s crashed Quinjet. Shawn’s modular buildings added depth to the city layout.


Many people recognized The Dickens Tavern built by Derek.


On the backside of the large station, Jason’s handily modular airport hosted a smattering of aerial vehicles and scenes of superheroes. Darin displayed his sports themed mosaics.

The train traveled deep into the display, circumnavigating Ralph’s fun filled scene titled, “Cosplay in the Park.”

Airport_Mosaics_Park_Station_photo_by_Ralph_CopleyCosplay_In_The_Park_by_Ralph_CopleyBatman_Park_photo_by_Ralph_CopleyAbove Cosplay in the Park images courtesy of Ralph Copley.

On one side of the display was Donnie’s brightly colored, somewhat sinister, comic amusement park titled, “Seagate Park”. There were several great and gruesome scenes to be found in this build full of color and packed with detail.


Seagate Park image courtesy of Ralph Copley.

Derek’s ornate Tilt-a-Whirl was on display next to a farm scene built by Matthew entirely from Pick-a-Brick wall pieces.


Nearby, stood a full Mech-bay built by Dan.


On the opposite side of the display was Jim’s interactive amusement park titled, “Riverside Park”. Most of the rides in the park were controllable by cleverly labeled push buttons. The endless stream of willing and excited button pushers was testament to the popularity of interactive exhibits.


Riverside Park image courtesy of Jim Miller.

Joe built a micro city scene with a Mech battle.


Dale brought his official Star Wars Mosaic and many people stopped to take pictures with it. Lego Batman stopped to pose in front of a table of builds by Ryan and Matthew.


Jeremy utilized a large platform to show off a large amount of fully functional Technic creations.


Ian used his platform to provide kids a hands-on experience with Technic pieces.


Kids Technic image courtesy of Ralph Copley.

Abby contributed a black and white Ferris wheel to Sin City.


Imagine’s Cthulhu hung out at the docks of Sin City.


Cthulhu image courtesy of Ralph Copley.

Lester built a large and detailed city with a scavenger hunt. He utilized The Simpsons’ minigifures throughout and had a captive audience throughout the show.



Lester City Seekers (middle) & Ralph Gangster (bottom) images courtesy of Ralph Copley.

Many other great views of the CoWLUG/DENLUG display at Denver Comic Con 2014 can be found at Ralph Copley’s PhotosJim Miller’s Photos.

Story & Images by Ian Davis unless otherwise noted.